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Accredited By Clean Marinas Australia

Rivergate Marina & Shipyard is accredited by the Marina Industries of Australia as a ‘Clean Marina’. The Clean Marinas-Australia Programme is a national, voluntary accreditation system for marinas, yacht clubs, boat clubs, slips, boatyards and associated industry operators across Australia. The Clean Marinas-Australia Programme has been developed to support Australia’s marine industries in its endeavours to protect our coastal and inland waterways. The Programme not only provides an easy-to-follow system to develop valuable environmental practices, but also rewards marina operators with real business benefits.


BIAQ-logoBoating Industry Association of Queensland

Rivergate Marina & Shipyard is a member of BIAQ, a non-profit, non-government organisation which is part of the Australian Marine Industries Federation (AMIF). The Boating Industry Association of Queensland exists to protect and promote the interests of Queensland’s recreational and light commercial boating industry. The BIAQ works towards the national BIA group objectives to represent and promote a broad spectrum of the boating community.



Rivergate Marina & Shipyard is a foundation member of Superyacht Queensland. Superyacht Queensland is a consortium of 50 businesses dedicated to the service of Superyachts visiting Australia. Each of the member companies work collaboratively to ensure that every boat visiting Brisbane Australia, is provided with all that it needs in the way of refit, repair and support services.



Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association (APSA) is a non-profit association fully incorporated in Hong Kong in April 2011. The primary objective of the Asia-Pacific Superyacht Association is to promote the Asia-Pacific region to the global superyacht community both as the world’s “next cruising destination” and as a superyacht construction, refit and services location.

APSA is working towards attracting more superyachts and helping the industry to overcome any challenges which may arise.  APSA also aims to work with governments to make access easier for visiting yachts, and to help maintain high standards and procedures.  APSA is financed through membership, sponsorship, ad revenues and donations.



The Association of Yacht Support Services has been assisting the captains and crew of the world’s Superyacht fleet since 1991. With offices spread throughout the world’s cruising grounds, their combined knowledge and experience can ensure that every port you visit, is a port you will wish to return to, again and again.

The AYSS was founded as an association of highly qualified agents to bring together local suppliers and yacht captains, and to assist the smooth passage of superyachts across the region.

AYSS is an organisation established to provide the very best in support service and amenities for owners, guests and crew. From your home port onwards you can come under the wing of AYSS, and no matter where you are, you will be supported through your travels.

AYSS currently has 74 agents strategically placed throughout the world to offer vessels and crew the guidance and support needed to take advantage of everything that each country has to offer, and ensure that owners and guests are provided with the best there is.


Superyacht Australia Logo FINAL rgbSUPERYACHT AUSTRALIA

Superyacht Australia is an organisation of businesses providing products and services to the Superyacht industry. The companies who are members of Superyacht Australia are proud of their businesses and strive to provide quality workmanship and the highest level of customer service for your vessel, the owner and crew. The Superyacht network is spread across Australia with regional cluster groups concentrating around our main Ports making it a one stop shop for any visiting vessel.

To service yachts visiting this island continent of 7,682,300 square kilometres lying between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, there is a network of regional superyacht clusters in strategic locations. These clusters provide service, maintenance and refit facilities and an increasing number of the yachts are now undertaking major refits whilst visiting Australia. The captains and crew preferring the Australian lifestyle to other refit destinations throughout the world.


MIAA-logo_2colMarina Industries Association of Australia

Rivergate Marina & Shipyard is a member of the Marina Industries Association of Australia. The Marina Industries Association of Australia is committed to:

  • Working in a supportive, flexible and solution driven. environment to achieve desirable environmental and industry outcomes.
  • Exploring and implementing innovative solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of companies and individuals in the industry, as well as those of Government agencies and the community.
  • Exercising effective communication protocols that reflect an open, honest and flexible approach to all that is done.
  • Showing leadership to Industry, Government and the community to ensure that the Industry is recognised as having employment, education, and training, products and services of world best practice standard.
  • Establishing a national and coordinated approach to planning and implementation of Industry and Government policy objectives.
  • Respecting the diversity of inputs of the network, determining and delivering effective, timely and cost effective advice and services to Members, Governments and other stakeholders.
  • Delivering a nationally unified and strong Industry message to Government that the Industry requires a commitment from Government to jointly establish policy and programs.
  • Collecting and sharing within the national network, Industry and Government intelligence that will allow the network to predict and respond to the emerging needs of the industry, its markets and Government.
  • Maximising Industry’s collective resources through the ready and willing sharing of information on all existing and future network products and services.